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SUITES @ FEEK  -  Luxe  B&B  in Antwerpen



In samen werking met SUITES @ FEEK kan men bij DESIGN YOUR BODY @ ANTWERP  genieten van een klasse B&B en doelgerichte behandelingen om uw gezondheid en uiterlijk een oppepper (boost) te geven. U kan kiezen uit afslanken, figuurcorrectie en genieten van Antwerpen in combinatie met een verantwoorde voeding en begeleiding of genieten  van een fijne behandeling met zuivere zuurstof, het geheim van Hollywood nu ook in Antwerpen. Wij laten u weer stralen.  Bel ons voor meer informatie.

Genieten en verwennen ! Het ultieme genot in Antwerpen.

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Wat schrijft de internationale pers over ons: 

Louise Hulland, british journalist life experience 1 size in 5 days.
Louise Hulland, een populaire Britse radio -& televisiepresentatrice trok vijf dagen naar Oostenrijk om daar het intensieve Hypoxi programma '1 size in 5 days' te volgen.

Women's own
“After six sessions I can see a definite improvement in the shape of my thighs. I’ve lost about an inch and the excess baggage has practically gone. Score 10/10.”

Red Magazine
“Two months later I’ve lost 11 lbs and 9 inches off my hips, thighs and bum. My legs look smoother and feel firmer and I’m thrilled to have found a treatment that does what it says.”

“Nicola was measured after her final treatment adn didl lose both inches and cellulite. Her skin smoother and the cellulite has lessened visibly. She also feels better.”

“After one month my bottom looks smaller, less dimpled and smoother.”

“After eight sessions I’d lost 4cm’s from my bum, 6cm’s from my hips and 8cm’s from my waist. Now I’m hooked.”

“My skin feels firmer and smoother and my clothes are much looser, so I’d recomend this to anyone who wants to sculpt their lower body - I’ve lost 6 inches in total.”

The Mirror - M Magazine
10/10 “Andrea’s cellulite has improved the most. I’d say by 45%. She has lost hafl a stone in weight, her bottom is tighter and lifted, and skin is smoother on the backs of the thigh’s.”

The Evening Standard.
"The Holy Grail of diet and exercise regimes: Targeted spot reduction of the stomach"

"After six sessions my trousers were looser; After 12sessions I'd lost l 18cms from my stomach, waist and hip sand my skin tone had improved dramatically.'

'Flat stomach or the summer' Suzanne Duckett: Seeing is believing - for the results achieved the price is extremely good in comparison to other treatments on the market. The results are astonishing in the short amount of time from the stomach alone Paula lost 7.5cm's

Robbie Williams Biography-Feel
"Rob swears by it. Most days he appears in his suit, like an eccentric spaceman, asking to be Zipped up or unzipped.

New Magazine
"Forget spinning classes or running, a session of this leaves you relaxed and energised."

EUE June 2006
"After a couple of sessions I'm already less bloated and by the end (of 12 sessions) I've lost 5 inches in total. I'm delighted with the results.


Master Make up Artist Kris Evans from Hollywood ( Pirate of the Caribbean, Sex in the City  etc etc...)  will proudly demonstrate the facial treatment of O² Intraceuticals, during MY NEW LOOK at the XPO Kortijk. ( 7 & 8 march ) & during the at NEW BEAUTY / NEW WELLNESS in the RAI, Amsterdam ( 14 & 15 march )  Véronique De Kock ( click for interview) will be receiving a full facial treatment on stage and we are proud to announce that Véronique De Kock will be supporting O² Intraceuticals for Belgium in the upcoming  years. PUSH THIS BUTTON FOR KORTIJK VIDEO CLIP.


Feeling magazine 042010

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Feeling Voorjaar 2010 Tip van Goedele, beauty redactrice Feeling.


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